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[Chinese shoes Network - News] mentioned the Nike brand (store), what is your first thought is basketball sneakers or Jordan (stores) ???? If your response is that, then you really need to know this company for. 2012 can be called the just-concluded Nike sports digitized first year, it's digital sports platform Nike + ushered in the outbreak. In just one year, a variety of heavyweight product after another, the number of registered users online community of Nike + from 5 million at the beginning of the rapid increase of more than 10 million scale. Nike reported a first quarter 2013 (ie 2012 in the third quarter), Nike's revenue in North America reached $ 2.7 billion, an increase of 23 percent, a figure far higher than past years The average growth rate (growth rate over the same period in 2011 was 15%), Nike + is becoming stimulating growth for the company's new engine. Today, Nike is no longer a traditional sports apparel company, it is the combination of sports and the Internet to establish a digital motion kingdom. Origin: Running + Music There is no doubt, Nike + is set off motion digital revolution sporting goods industry, but it was not based on the birth of a great vision, Nike + can be developed to today, somewhat lucky hit means. Nike + predecessor fact Nike + iPod, from the name you know, Nike's intention is to make sports and music together. Everyone knows that running is a very boring sport, need strong willpower to stick, so many people are discouraged about the sport. For Nike, this psychological fear of running sales of its products will form obstacles, so it needs to do is to try to make running this thing gets interesting, and the music just to achieve this. May 2006, Nike and Apple jointly announced in New York Nike + iPod Sport Series components. According to Nike, the official statement, the reason will launch Nike + iPod is because Nike's engineers found the company headquarters near the University of Oregon campus, almost all the students are using iPod, then, with Mr. Jobs ShenDu Nike CEO Mark & ??middot; Parker started to have the Nike and iPod combination product ideas. And for Apple, listening to music is a perfect application scenarios when running. In this way, the two sides hit it off, both within their respective industries coolest company together. However, this is only the second half of the story, many people do not know is that, in fact, as early as in 2002 in cooperation with the former Apple and Nike had launched cooperation with Philips MP3 PSA series of sports products, but because the market response flat, bilateral cooperation will soon die a natural death. From the PSA series to Nike + iPod, Nike's overall idea is very clear, that is to take the running and music integrate these two things together. However, while jogging while listening to the music itself is not unusual, users with other brands of the same product can do it, Nike needs to have a "gimmick" to their running shoes and Apple products closely tied together. Then, the "data" has become the link will connect the two together. Nike + iPod shoe components by adding sensors and mounted on the receiver to the iPod that allows users to run a series of data in real time to see their own pace, distance and so on. Nike running shoes plus swept the nation's iPod, the cooperation with great success. 2010, Nike sales have disclosed various sports categories of products, including product revenue run up $ 2.8 billion, compared to the prestigious Nike basketball products, but only $ 2.1 billion, can achieve such results, Nike + contributed. Correction: Sports Digital Although the data plays an important role in Nike + iPod, but not in its infancy, it is not a core value of this product lies. However, with the rapidly changing market environment, began to highlight the importance of data, Nike also continue to revise their own ideas --Nike + gradually from a position of music products began to sport a flagship digital product transformation capabilities. After Nike + iPod Release 1, the first generation iPhone was born, with the rise of smart phones, a group inspired by the Nike + sports applications have sprung up, including RunKeeper and the like Endomondo leader soon they get millions of dollars in venture capital, it has already brought together millions of users scale. Nike rather abruptly found in his Adidas confront this battle, eyeing a group of Internet start-ups have been quietly to himself and surrounded by old rivals. If a company like content with only RunKeeper App, then perhaps Nike also not too nervous, but as the smart phone's screen size is increasing, portable performance is getting worse, which forced these start-up companies start They launched their "hardware" device. For example, not only in cooperation with the Fitbit Endomondo and other portable devices launched, but created its own brand of sportswear, directly undercut with Nike. Of course, in terms of brand strength or product design point of view, at this stage these Internet companies can not compete with Nike, but Nike has felt their potential threat. 2010, Nike set up independent digital sports department (Digital Sport). Nike Greater China communications director told HuangXiangYan digital sports department with Nike R & D, marketing and oth cheap foamposites er departments belong to the same level, in which the organizational framework of Nike high position in the world, whereas before, Nike + project operations mainly by Nike the marketing department is responsible for running the following motion digital marketing team to complete. Such a structure adjustment sent out a clear message that sport has officially become digitized Nike's strategic direction. From another perspective, in 2004 after the rise of Facebook and Twitter and other social media becoming teenagers integral part of everyday life, a new generation of young people to grow up with the Internet have become accustomed to the digital lifestyle . "Nike major consumers or teenagers, we always want to sport in their lifestyle inside, but if there is no Nike +, then the motion and today's young people will live more and more out of touch." When asked Nike + Nike meaning for time, HuangXiangYan said so. Nike + Nike timely help to re-emerge to find their place in among the Internet era. Layout: combined vertical and horizontal digital world strategy is to change the tactical adjustments brought on. 2012 years ago, Nike + has been in development on a relatively flat track, but entered after 2012, Nike has suddenly accelerated, all out, just one year to complete the layout in the field of sports figures. The first step is to own Nike digital sports programming Kingdom territory. 2012 February released a digital sports department since the founding of the first heavyweight --Fuelband motor function bracelet, one can measure the wearer almost all daily activities of product energy consumption. Over the past against Nike + iPod is quite professional sports people, but this time through Fuelband, Nike completed the coverage of non-sports crowd, further popularized the Nike + concept. pushing motion digital technology has let go of the traditional sports brand Nike competitors in front, but he found himself faced with the potential threat of more and more software companies. After the establishment of the digital world of spheres of influence, Nike's next step is to build a moat for their digital realm. Take on this task is launched simultaneously with the Fuelband energy unit of measure --NikeFuel. current prevailing movement unit of measurement is calories, Nike + product which in the past has been to use the unit, why should "bother" create a new unit of energy it? Nike official statement in accordance with the calculation method of calories different, NikeFuel is a standardized scoring method. Regardless of gender or size, for the same type of movement, the same score for each participant. But this is clearly not the Nike created NikeFuel of all of the reasons. Now in addition to the motion-class App application interface is slightly different than the design, there was no significant difference in the basic functions. In other words, the cost of users to migrate between different products is very low. The current popular American RunKeeper, for example, it also allows the user to input the motion data. NikeFuel launched in the past, which means that a long-term use Nike + for runners if one day you want to use RunKeeper, it need not worry too much about their own data on the Nike + will be lost, because you can complete the migration of data through manual settings. Nike certainly do not want to see this happen, so NikeFuel emerged. Nike created its own unit of energy of this no doubt has intellectual property rights, and other similar products can not replicate this unit, which is provided for the user + barrier to the migration of other products from Nike. While Nike still implemented after the current two-track metering NikeFuel and calories, but does not rule out future market acceptance of NikeFuel reaches a certain level, Nike will completely abandon calorie units. Such a thing is not impossible happen. NikeFuel of offering to help Nike for their digital motion kingdom built a solid wall, but this time, Nike's digital city can not be said to be impregnable. For a long time, Nike + has been very dependent on the Apple ecosystem, from this point of Nike + iPod product design will be able to reflect. In 2012, users want to use the Nike + on the premise that you must have an Apple device, although Apple is Nike's ally, but this arrangement is clearly a security risk. Another potential object of So, Nike launched Fuelband is in fact trying to establish a totally controlled by its own data supply lines. Get a good market response in Fuelband after Nike again in early June 2012 launched a sports watch with GPS functionality cooperation with well-known supplier of navigation products TomTom, to further consolidate their data supply lines. After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple's head of the magical aura is gradually faded. Nike and Apple have begun to become more loose cooperation. Is a landmark event in late June 2012, Nike will own the most popular on the iOS platform Nike + Running ported to the Android platform. So far, Nike digital sports kingdom's defense was finally built, Next, Nike do naturally is exploiting the boundary. 2012 February Nike in the United States launched two new products --Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training. In deep run after six years, the first time Nike + Nike tentacles extend to the movement among other categories. A noteworthy detail is that on these two products matching shoes special sensors, could not see the Apple Logo. Compared with the Nike + Running products, Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training has been a qualitative leap in functionality, new transformation of the sole can be measured more movement user data, such as jumping height. And with the Nike Training Club and Nike + Basketball applications, Nike running outside and build two sets of new sport ecological subsystems. Nike recently hit the two heavyweight product - the tenth generation of LeBron and Kobe basketball shoes eight generations, have launched Nike + and two versions Edition. Nike has been apparent from the idea, and that is through a pilot application on the flagship products of core user acceptance achieved as soon as possible, thus boosting the popularity of Nike +. However, Nike's ambition does not stop there. As a sports apparel brand, Nike, who, after all, the lack of Internet genes, the face of mobile Internet applications emerging sports, if you want to further expand its territory, it must be outside the brain power to enrich themselves. To do this, the second largest US long ago Nike TechStars incubator with the launch of the Nike + Accelerator projects to encourage entrepreneurial team use Nike + platform to develop more innovative applications. Nike + Accelerator is likely to be about the future of the war Nike a move, if it succeeds, it will help Nike in motion digital wave triggered this round of mobile Internet in one fell swoop to establish leadership. Nuggets Big Data: Nike + three possible Although the official caliber Nike, Nike + online community of more value reflected in its social attributes, but if you really only use it as a campaign theme vertical SNS, it would greatly underestimated Nike + value. Nike + part is undoubtedly the most valuable to the user data it collects, then how to use the data it? Currently, there are two main use Nike means, first, use the "Data + circle" approach for the whole community to create an atmosphere of competition between friends, to encourage everyone to go into sports. Another is to develop some fun mini-games, to encourage users to complete a certain amount of exercise every day. In addition, Nike also try some of the more innovative models. before the 2012 marathon in Guangzhou and Shanghai, as long as consumers use the Nike + Running App accumulated 10 kilometers of running mileage, you can go to the Nike flagship store in the local exchange a T-shirt. Of course, this is just an aggregation of data around the Nike + operating a fairly junior marketing campaign, based on the protection of user privacy considerations and market maturity, Nike has not been fully demonstrated to the outside world charm of big data, but from several existing molding products, has been able to see some clues and infer from future Nike using a large number of possible directions of data. First, in the short term, relatively easy to implement Nike through the process of running data mining user value. The ability to record the user's running routes, Nike currently recommend popular spot on the Nike + running community, to provide guidance for the sports enthusiasts. According HuangXiangYan introduction, many Nike + users will run out some interesting patterns on the map, in order to increase the fun run. future, Nike might advertise on popular jogging routes along the way. In addition, the associated company can set up in these areas, "Depot" store clothing and other services provided for the runners, and motor function may also take the opportunity to sell drinks and other peripheral products, of course, Nike is pushing himself leading the probability of this matter is very low, but this is indeed a Nike + can bring opportunities. Second, with the further integration of Nike + and Nike products, Nike can collect more user health and sports-related data, these first-hand data can provide important reference for product design. Moreover, relying on these data, Nike, users can also tailor a fitness program. Nike + will help Nike sports shoes from a provider of simple "Hardware vendors" to a "service providers." In fact, Nike Training Club's App has begun to play such a role, it can recommend exercise program of professional athletes to the user . From a more long-term perspective, Nike + Nike also help to do more things. For example, many people admire select Nike spokesperson vision, because it is always possible to dig out the talented athletes. This is mainly due to a mature culture system constructed Nike, on the one hand, Nike will work with primary and secondary schools sports coach, find talent through them, on the other hand, Nike held annually all kinds of sports training on a global scale camp from which to explore the good seedling. The Nike + Nike was probably brought the first three kinds, that is through the user data to find those gifted sports genius. Perhaps one day in the future when, when using the Nike + children who began to show through far more than their peers athleticism, Nike will find him in the first time, and make every effort to help him become a "rising stars." From another perspective, today's sports brand by signing star athletes main way to pull product sales, but this drawback, when signing the star defected to competing products or retired, sales of related products will be seriously impact, and Nike + can help users to establish habits and therefore able to help the company retain customers. 20 years ago, with a little cushion Nike sporting goods industry will introduce a new era of science and technology competition, and for the company for 20 years since then growth has laid a solid foundation today, Nike + is shoulder same mission. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Under Armour recently as new boots Curry Two curry added a new color, new work by the low-key gray as the shoe body color, with yellow spots pattern and air hole decoration shoe body, and the orange and yellow gradient design will become the biggest bright spot of the overall design, and finally by the black dot brand Logo and the fender and other details. under-armour-curry-two-grey-black-orange-yellow.jpg (135.35 KB, download number: 0) download Under Armour Curry Two new color 2015-8-16 09:11 upload 00adidas-tubular-x-running-white-1.jpg (51.03 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Tubular X Running White 2016-4-7 20:43 upload yesterday was the last day of the 2009 Chinese shoes are international purchaser and shoe culture tourism festival, Wuhou direct shoes plaza.underneath crowded. Shoe Carnival activities lasted a few days to hot, buy good shoes, to direct the Wuhou shoes, has become one of the hottest topics in recent days the people of Chengdu. yesterday afternoon from the organizing committee heard the exciting news, economic and Trade Center, Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Park and Russia signed an agreement of intent, jointly boost Chengdu shoes to open up the Russian market, and assist the Chengdu women's shoes brand promotion in russia. : the two sides preliminary determination, in the near future in Moscow city and Chengdu Wuhou District Industrial Park site selection, the establishment of both branches or offices, to achieve mutual information and resource interoperability. Wuhou District Industrial Park will actively support the establishment of the Eurasian international trade logistics hub project in the city of Moscow, which involved in the Chengdu women's shoes exports to the Russian market of logistics, transportation, customs and other aspects of the validity, safety and convenience. Wuhou District Industrial Park Management Committee will actively guide and encourage Chengdu shoe-making enterprises and Russia to establish long-term friendly cooperative relations, support and assist the Russian logistics enterprises set up offices and branches in Wuhou District industrial park. in order to solve the problems of "gray clearance", to prevent similar incidents from happening again, create a healthy atmosphere of the Chengdu shoes industry development, Russia promised to do business in Russia's Chengdu shoe enterprises to provide legitimate business documents and other legal documents, protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chengdu shoe enterprises in the Russian market. The two sides also preliminary consultations in accordance with Russian laws and regulations, make Wuhou District footwear enterprises through legal procedures in the Russian Republic of North Ossetia construction shoes processing demonstration plant, really let Chinese shoes out of the country. at the same time for the excellent quality of Chengdu shoes, but the brand has been the lack of reality, the two sides also decided to cooperate with each other to carry out a full range of Chengdu shoes in the Russian market brand promotion, by the most direct means of publicity and localization, let Chengdu made shoes can be more consumer awareness and choice of russia. signed the agreement of intent, is an important achievement of this festival will be achieved, the depth of cooperation between China and Russia also began to jointly develop the Russian market, to provide a good foundation for the future of our Chengdu shoes. We have reason to believe that Chengdu shoe industry has a better tomorrow. (Editor: admin)The art of printing which is stronger? London to find Liberty Art Fabrics! From the joint with major brand shoes, let the world tide of people know this brand "flower charm". With the cooperation of Vans also recently published the two Liberty Art Fabrics signed a new - is for the ladies. The first stage is Vans Authentic, pattern inspired by classic fairy tales of "Alice in Wonderland", yellow basal activity, painting in Wonderland characters and flowers and plants, showing good illustration art; and the other is a favorite Vans Classic Slip-On lazy, showing a colorful spring pattern. Delicate and gorgeous. Love Liberty Art Fabrics family MM note printing. 6db0aaaf906aee8b0b556d49d66f4234.jpg (206.79 KB, download number: 0) download Vans x Liberty Art Fabrics signed a new 2015-1-11 09:29 upload bfbfa927d8142ff2f92d31fae2fa14db.jpg (112.04 KB, download number: 0) download Vans x Liberty Art Fabrics signed a new 2015-1-11 09:29 upload 6e2f0527a92ecdab9ebb768fbedfacc3.jpg (99.45 KB, download number: 0) download Vans x Liberty Art Fabrics signed a new 2015-1-11 09:29 upload d6e85b3cb297cf8b28c04201176688f0.jpg (101.81 KB, download number: 0) download Vans x Liberty Art Fabrics signed a new 2015-1-11 09:29 upload bdbde3019b4c24c936f994bc1f31a773.jpg (138.93 KB, download number: 0) download Vans X0CONVERSE in today officially released a new Taylor II Chuck shoes shoes. Media gathered around the world in Boston, arrived at the Lovejoy pier CONVERSE new headquarters, witnessed this special occasion. This seat by Jennifer carpenter, the construction company efforts to build 10 buildings located in Beantown city and the design to the brand is committed to the development of music, skateboarding, street in the field of Arts and culture as the theme, including a new theme shops, rubber tracks design industry and trade chamber and works of art by personally created by Futura and Baptiste de Bombourg. There is no doubt, with 107 year history of the "national treasure" brand sports obviously does not meet in the existing historical achievements, like the springing up of new headquarters, converse will by Chuck Taylor II writing a brand new chapter in history, in the history of sports shoes experience built new milestone. to meet the birth of new Chuck Taylor II, a spectacular conference in Boston's south end a highly historical sense of warehouse held. CEO Jim Calhoun CONVERSE, creative director of the global footwear design Ciofffe Brian pro to uncover the mystery of the Taylor II Chuck. As is known to all, the Chuck Taylor All Star was originally to the identity of the professional basketball shoes available, including the patch decoration of rubber shoes, canvas shoes, uppers have become elements of the design of shoes to a high degree of recognition, and Chuck Taylor II is to "Ganso paragraph" the excellent functions of tribute, and give the modern technical sense: addition of Nike Lunarlon cushioning technology has greatly improved the shoes comfort and support; thickening bubble cotton shoes collar and antiskid gusset tongue for the wearer to create a 360 degree of comfort; and perforated suede lined will bring unparalleled breathable and comfortable experience. Finally, innovation of Tencel canvas upper is shoes durability escort. Chuck Taylor All Star II CONVERSE will be officially on sale in July 28th, black, white, red, blue color Ox version and the high tube version will be the first to go. get reload, the major application market search "get" to download the latest version, more sneakers information 〉Nike will be good at the same material the use of different shoes, and each time did not succeed, about which we have never denied that, before the date with Nike LeBron 10 and swept the world "cork" elements once again, the carrier is Nike's other classic shoes Blazer Mid, from the spy photos we can see that the whole shoe all adopt "cork" material to build, with black and white lining Swoosh, and finally to the end, the whole street remained its original flavor. At present, there is no information about the shoe sale information, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.Next year we will return to the normal Nike Air Foamposite series, which gives us hope, and we also worry that it will be more difficult to purchase at that time. Today the network once again brought us this much attention to global blue! The shoes are made of elegant blue, and the details are embellished with black. And the pure color system has always been our pursuit of the goal, it is learned that the shoes will be released next spring, there is no specific information exposed, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it.KYRIE 2 has not yet officially on sale, but about the shoes color is a wave after wave of exposure, overwhelmed, recognized as BHM black color real once again exposed, overall primarily black outside, multicolored vamp detail, shoelaces, outsole layout, compared with KYRIE 1 with the theme of, seemed more dynamic, followed by BHM words is quite concise and highlight the theme; shoes is expected will be officially on sale in February 2016. source: realchickenwopPlayers adidas Originals 2015 autumn and winter sports "Island Series" series & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2015-07-22 10:44:20 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 22 hearing, this fall and winter, adidas Originals will design classic shoes to pay tribute to the 80s again, then to the islands around the world named "Island Series" man impressed, will customs of the islands expressed by classic running shoes silhouette. In this year the brand decided to re-launch this classic series, following the launch of the spring and summer, "Samoa", after the "Hawaii" and "Tahiti" shoes, in the new season, will once again push new "Jamaica", "Cancun" and " Trinidad & amp; Tobago "three shoes, are high texture of suede material production, equipped with comfortable rubber soles, while accompanied by a different color expression characteristics of the islands, a very strong retro flavor. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe brands News Recommended: Ou Weisi & nbsp; Dragon faction phoenix clan) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Duang !! sweep swept away, there are surprises !!! station Related news