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AJ7 as the of the compound moment, nearly a period of time as AJ7 figure somewhat decline, but fortunately there are customized to bring us a new element of innovation. This with Jordan French 7 "Blue Air" as the template, in the shoe body to add gray, black and eye-catching light blue, the magic of the full tone of mutual integration, plus with other different patterns highlight the unique visual sense. Interested friends may wish to make reference to their own attempt. source: sneakerbardetroitIn southern Hankou, northern Huangpi to build the grand dream 10 professional market, finally hit the first shovel of combat. On the morning of 8, North Hankou international trade center the first ground. according to the Huangpi district government planning, the next 5 to 8 years, the construction of 10 national professional market in the south of Hankou north, Huangpi area of about 10 square meters of kilometers within the region, to promote Wuhan logistics transfer and upgrade. North Hankou international trade center the first year after the start, there are 3 market start. foundation for the celebration of North Hankou International Trade Center, 2007 Chinese outstanding wholesale market will (and first) yesterday afternoon held in chinese. Economist Mao Yushi, and Zhong Wei and Dan Zhongdong Research Institute of the Ministry of c jordans on sale mens ommerce market construction research department director Tang Chunfeng and other big names on the wholesale market construction. Hundreds of businesses from across the famous wholesale market to participate in the meeting. the annual meeting is jointly organized by the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Wuhan Municipal People's Government of Huangpi District, the Yangtze River Daily newspaper group, Hubei daily media group and the group. Li Xiang as the master of ceremonies, the fourth generation wholesale market "package" North Hankou International Trade Center in the first phase of 500 thousand square meters, will be built in trial operation in June 2008, will create a covering clothing, shoes and textiles, hotel supplies, children's products and other five categories, more than 30000 shop. All completed, will bring together ten major professional market cluster, shop more than 30 thousand. market investors zall Group Chairman Yan Chi said, the new market will be the traditional wholesale trade industry upgrade, will present a new market prospect: located in the suburbs, traffic accessibility, pavement decoration simple, low commodity prices; businesses when making money, enjoy lunch in the dining room is not bright; "pole, warehousing center direct delivery, de air jordan 11 space jam for sale livery car batteries in the market in order to travel; electronic hall sit, through the satellite map can see the range of delivery vehicles. according to the introduction, the trading center invited well-known market operators such as the Yiwu small commodity city Limited by Share Ltd, established in the Chinese "market", responsible for investment, the grafting of market resources. The market forecast, the market will build a "dam", effectively blocking the merchant of Hubei and surrounding areas to purchase the southeastern region of Zhejiang and Guangdong needs, forming the most influential central wholesale market. 〈)Jordan Brand played in the end of 2014 engraved frenzy, the most eye-catching is composed of Legend Blue Air and Air Jordan 11 color Jordan XX9 package, and the limited edition destined to make a lot of shoes lost arms. In order to make up for the global shoe fans to North Carolina color obsession, Jordan Brand is still at the moment of its evergreen tree Air Jordan 1 Mid with the same coat. This shoe body with white leather made of high quality, and to the Legend Blue Swoosh, with great Jumpman and outsole. item: 554724-127Price: legend-blue-air-jordan-1-mid-1.jpg (61.11 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Mid Legend Blue 2014-12-6 12:58 upload legend-blue-air-jordan-1-mid-6.jpg (54.65 KB, cheap jordans download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Mid Legend Blue 2014-12-6 12:59 upload legend-blue-air-jordan-1-mid-2.jpg (61.01 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Mid Legend Blue 2014-12-6 12:58 upload legend-blue-air-jordan-1-mid-5.jpg (65.1 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Mid Legend Blue 2014-12-6 12:59 upload legend-blue-air-jordan-1-mid-3.jpg (56.1 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Mid Legend Blue 20140Date: 2017-7-21: the commissioning editor fan speed HD: PEAK officially released the five generation legend Parke basketball shoes PEAK recently released Toni Parke launched the fifth generation of personal signature boots Parke 5, shock continues to follow the gradient acceleration technology, the integration of shoe design, the biggest feature is the stable sheet extending from the bottom side of the shoe body to PEAK, called the P-Boom ejection technology, which can improve the stability, gradient and and the front acceleration technology combined to form dual acceleration. The official price of the 5 generation of Parke is 599 RMB.Today as the suspected Champions Sample sample Exposure pictures, respectively with wine red and white shoes, the same yesterday showed effect diagram of different color collocation scheme, wine red version did not use white tongue, while the light version of th cheap air jordans e shoe body with white with black dress throughout, No.Adidas provides the most sustainable development in the history of the 2012 London Olympics Series 2013-12-08 22:09:11 adidas is a great honor for the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games ever most sustainable products. This is another milestone moment Adidas sponsorship in Olympic and Paralympic sports equipment two major sporting events of history. Ten years, the adidas Group has been trying to adopt more sustainable business practices, and is recognized as the industry pioneer in this field. Adidas sports suit perfect for the 2012 London Olympic Games 11 Olympic and Paralympic nations presentation provided this practice. Each Adidas sneakers 2012 London Olympics preparation sustainability elements are included, the Games will have as many as seventy thousand volunteers will be involved, they will be wearing Adidas ever with sustainability sneakers - special edition Fluid Trainer, the shoe mold production efficiency more than 70% effective in reducing waste. 2012 London Olympics sportswear series on sustainable development is equally impressive. Adidas for the Olympic Games has developed 165 kinds of new sustainable fabrics. Adidas provided by volunteers of all suits and Olympic torch relay suit, 96% Olympic training suits and suits will use sustainable fabrics. In the pr jordan shoes online sale oduction of Olympic athletes and volunteers during the suit, Adidas equivalent of 1.5 million recycled bottles. & nbsp; Adidas vice president in charge of Olympic operations ? Simon Cartwright (Simon Cartwright), he said: "As a responsible global brand, Adidas attaches great importance to sustainable development we are concerned about the sustainability of development in all aspects. ., from innovation, design, development and procurement, to sales and marketing, and even include our shops and offices operating mode "& nbsp;" contrast the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, or even compare any global event, the London 2012 Olympic Games Use of Adidas products Adidas far the most sustainable products in the Olympics every athlete wearing Adidas products will be wearing the sustainable development of the product. "In order to substantially reduce the impact on the environment, the development of Adidas a five-year plan, the company has eight consecutive years was named the world's 100 most sustainable companies. & Nbsp; Adidas regularly with the London Olympic Organizing Committee to cooperate in the sustainable development of the group, but the Dow since 2011 the industry leader in sustainable development. In addition, adidas also named the FTSE index of social responsibility, and since 2000 the only sustainability reports are published each year in the sporting goods company. & Nbsp; focus on sustainable development of the adidas Group, on the following aspects: ? Adidas hopes to develop the removal of polluting materials and processes, and the use of materials and practices of sustainable development ? As long as technology allows, Adidas all use recycled materials ? Adidas is committed in all product categories to avoid using PVC, currently 99% of its products do not contain PVC ? Adidas investment in sustainable cotton, support and financing "Better Cotton Initiative" (Better Cotton Initiative), an initiative aimed at improving the environmental footprint of cotton farming. As part of the Group's environmental strategy, Adidas committed before 2018 100% cotton product better through community projects ? Sudhaar of full funding since 2002 to make Adidas schools located 125 Sialkot / Pakistan exceeds 20,000 children got the chance to go to school & nbsp; ? Adidas developed a monitoring and control of hazardous substances in enforcement policy & nbsp; Simon ? Cartwright (Simon Cartwright) added: "The 2012 London Olympic Games let us set a new target, the help accelerate our progress in the field of sustainable development, such progress that we can witness at the Olympics "& nbsp; He said:." In the game of tennis in the London Olympics, viewers will see some of the most exciting sustainable product development. So when you watch the game when Murray or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, you can be assured that they wear polyester shirt is made of recycled waste bottles, such as beverage bottles, detergent bottles. Let Our athletes wear sustainability product is very important, because a lot of athletes and that they support sustainable development. Players can rest assured that Adidas has taken every effort to maximize product sustainability, and with its cutting-edge technology, Adidas product performance will not be affected "& nbsp.;has a handsome appearance and pleasing color of the Air Jordan 5 GS shoes, women shoes has always been popular with enthusiasts, following the earlier release of a variety of fine color, this time also ushered in two new color exposure. Air Jordan 5 GS in front of the "Miami", the famous tourist attraction of Miami South Beach for inspiration, in the white shoe body gives light orange color and mint green dress up, finally equipped with translucent blue crystal bottom end. On the occasion of the summer temperature is gradually increased, undoubtedly adds a touch of fresh air and pleasant! another Air Jordan 5 GS "Deadly Pink", a black leather upper with high coverage, white bottom shows collocation. AJ5 shoes side marker coating and lining of the shark, the fresh sweet pink color embellishment, highlighting the vitality have a unique style! Yet the current release details of the sale of in Miami Air Jordan 5 color GS "Miami", and have specific dress, black powder Air Jordan 5 GS "Deadly Pink" that will be in August 5th officially on sale, priced at $$140, interested in the girl who wish to prepare in advance. Air Jordan 5 GS "Deadly Pink " number: 440892-029 release date: August 5th sale price: $$140 ??????jewelry heart locket Ben Vautier photo Demian Smith Street Art amp Alternative Art Street Art Paris and Winter retro jordans Pixacao Street Art amp Alternative Art heart locket Ben Vautier photo Demian Smith&nbs" /〉 white purse Maureen on am i fashionable yet or Boho Gypsy Fashion and Brandy Melville sneakers golden goose baby Isa Menami on Street Art amp Alternative Art free run shoes on sale Maureen on am i fashionable yet or Maxis Maxi Skirts and Skirts shox nz eu running shoes anthracite Maureen on am i fashionable yet or Bra Lemon and Purple mirror sunglasses Street Art by Okuda in Soho New York USA Street Art amp Alternative Art Soho Brooklyn and Usa jewelry heart locket Ben Vautier photo Demian Smith Street Art amp Alternative Art Street Art Paris and Winter the cool grey Air Jordan 10 " Cool Grey" will be officially on sale this Saturday.The classical collocation item: 310805-023 release date: January 25th