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dynamic character graphic trademark one-handed dunk in the United States Nike "Air Jordan" series of sports shoes unique logo. Earlier this year, Nike introduced in the Haiou still Supermarket Co., Ltd. under the three stores was discovered by step Jinjiang Footwear Ltd and Jinjiang Footwear Company Limited Conway shoes printed with graphics "Air Jordan" trademark, so the two were Home footwear company, together with the supermarket to court. August 20, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court on two cases of trademark infringement case first instance verdict, ordered the three defendants to stop infringement, in relevant media published a statement; in the two cases by the European merger still compensate the plaintiff economic loss of RMB 160,000 Yuan, two shoe companies were compensation for 100,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1993 May, the Nike of trademark registration to the "Air Jordan" graphic trademark. In January this year, Nike staff Zhongyuan Auchan supermarket in the city shop, Minhang shop, Changyang shop bought four pairs of shoes infringement and go notary notarized the purchased shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; February 2 this year, Nike's lawyer issued a lawyer's letter to the Auchan supermarket, inform supermarkets under the three stores display and sell infringe Nike "Air Jordan" graphic trademark shoes requiring supermarkets to stop selling and storage of infringing goods, providing historical purchase records of these commodities on the 15th of the month, sales records, commercial sources relevant information. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the end of the month, Nike found in Auchan stores and Changyang Ce cheap foamposites ntral Plains store still further the company's Dragon infringing shoes sold. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; May this year, Nike has filed a suit to the Second City Court, requested the three defendants to stop infringement, Auchan and the two footwear companies were liable for compensation in two cases 500,000 yuan responsibility. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In this regard, arguing that Auchan supermarket sales of shoes belonging to the infringing product did not know, and has provided evidence that the source of the legitimacy of the product, it should not be held responsible. In addition, Auchan supermarket Nike v. Time and the number of sales also raised objections. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Dragon Step Company and Conway companies argued that Nike's trademark rights advocates are common trademark. Upon receipt of the two companies quickly by Nike, have been taken off the shelves related merchandise. Nike on the amount of compensation proposed, the two companies believe there is no basis. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Second City Court after hearing that Nike is "Air Jordan" graphic trademark registered person, shall be the exclusive right of the trademark in the approved use of the range. After comparing the Full Court on Long step and Conway both the company's shoes are printed graphics with Nike basketball players registered trademark, both basically the same judgment, the defendant's conduct constitutes two plaintiff registered trademark infringement. Auchan supermarket without the permission of the rights, selling the infringing goods, their behavior also constitutes infringement. Given the loss of Nike's profit and the three defendants were difficult to jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black determine, based on three factors the court accused infringement nature, time span, the consequences, trademark reputation, reasonable expenses paid by the plaintiffs and the parties and so subjective discretion to determine the amount of compensation. In addition, the requirements put forward by the three defendants Nike published a statement in the media to support the court on the vast majority of the score from the cast, simple and effective and very practical, most of the players have this skill. However, how to improve the cast in the hit rate is probably one of the many issues of concern to the fans, then the following example may be able to refer to the next. 1. the ball along the step jump stop The 2. jump ball shooting 3. around dribble shot 4. around dribble shot 5. catch and shoot around The ball shot 6.7. high arch shot search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!recently, Nike's Retro line Nike Sportswear released the 2011 spring summer new AIR MAX 90. The same as AIR MAX 90 classic shoes as the blueprint, the color mosaic is extremely rich, with the red, gray, white three colors each other, through the shoe body, and leather to create combinations and mesh material, a continuation of the previous design, in the Swoosh and surrounding leather shoes the design, red wine, add a bright spot for the overall design of air cushion shoes, and AIR MAX 90 standard w Cheap foamposites for sale ith grey, red and white two colors with each other, to perfect the collision effect. So full of color and vitality of running shoes, is not worth you immediately have? 2006 Brand Jordan magazine for SLAM PE, Air Jordan XX1, a specific issue, will have the opportunity to launch an auction. The global circulation of less than 50 pairs, let this AJ more mysterious and rare, at that time in order to thank loyal readers of SLAM magazine only donated 23 of them, if you are interested in this rare paragraph, please pay close attention to.KD, VIII 1 is not the first pair of shoes Flyweave shoes Technology might concentrate on basketball shoes most people see Flyweave words are in KD VIII, but in fact, as early as the air jordan XX9. Science and technology of this kind of shoe is being movement the, the official was explained to this concept to blur out the official: performance woven upper (functional knit uppers), and no said quite clear what raw materials, is said to be imported from Italy. In Italy the loom. After each pair of shoes are finished, they have to be flown to the mainland for assembly. In fact, AJXX9 this kind of shoe upper is Flyweave. In the past year, including: Jordan Air 29 (basketball), TW Nike '15 (golf), CJ Elite TD Cleat Nike (American football) and CJ3 Flyweave Trainer Nike (training). Nike has released four pairs of high performance shoes using Flyweave technology. 2, today's peak released Tony Parker of the third generation of boots, Tony Parker III, then we on the flagship of the forefoot GRADIENT dual (dual gradient technology), heel Cushion-3 (tertiary cushioning Technology) the difference between the two have to understand it? fr jordan 3 katrina 2018 om the point of view of space, Cushion-3 (three level mitigation technology) and dual GRADIENT (gradient dual energy technology) the biggest difference is in its arrangement. Tertiary cushioning technology are the three different slow shock material from top to bottom are arranged at the bottom (principle: by absorption, dispersion and rebound. A perfect cushioning system), and gradient technology is according to the natural shape of the foot, pressure distribution and movement characteristics, different density of slow earthquake material and elastic material, by inside and outside transversely embedded in bottom. These two kinds of cushioning the experience each one has its own merits. But in general the gradient of dual energy technology in the comfort and sense of place is slightly better than the three level. 3, why is the moment of the AJ crystal bottom are blue? we must know all the shoes for a long time will be oxidized, especially at the end of the white crystal, oxidation hair yellow, Nike also took note of the this problem in 2010 in order to prevent crystal outsole not so easy oxidation yellow, in the material joined the anti oxygen agent in, resulting in crystal in that the bottom has little partial feeling blue. As to how resistant to oxidation, but also need to wait for our common witness. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool 〉, following last week's release of the Shanghai X158 Limited Edition Free TR 5 V6 Premium, Nikelab again exposed a Hongkong limited green color version of Cheap jordans online Free TR 5 V6 trainers. The new selection of unique Emerald on behalf of Hongkong, and is equipped with a color laces, printed with " on green woven mesh uppers; PS7 HKG" logo the fine detail of the tongue and heel part of the black Swoosh standard, then the ink elements in the bottom and the bottom end of brown. At present, this NikeLab PS7 Exclusive Free TR 5 V6 Premium multi-functional training shoes have been in Hongkong NikeLab PS7 shop exclusive shelves, like friends must start early grab the goods. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! this year in Japan, obsessed with making hats, has done the Paris fashion week, everywhere...... this summer the most handsome boys hair comb: oil well, don't worry . thought the street photographer would only take a street shot? They dress better, all right?! By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! , where are all the people who left Nike? AJ1's designers are doing well! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics Gel Lyte III three generation jade snowflake woman running shoes adjustable ankle banded pants feet pants is full of military elements! Atmos x ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE V James Jarvis to Nike branded shoes SB Free shoes release graffiti printing version note! 〈〉 knitting back, Nike Sportswear, one of the popular, Air, Footscape, Desert, Chukka, new releases. The Footscape Desert Chukka dual Air " Cool Grey" design with mixed characteristics based chic, vamp combined with grey knit and woven pattern in black leather, purple red and black on the surface of the shoe body surface details throughout the whole structure, the other is equipped with Free cutting concept outsole, absolutely will detonate the shoes topic boom. snake texture, Adidas Originals 2014 Summer Match Play new color design, Converse and Maison Martin Margiela again launched joint shoes comments on last article: snake texture Adidas Originals 2014 Summer Match Play new color design next article: Converse and Maison Martin Margiela again launched joint shoes Following the earlier release of " Triple Black"; after the color by Reebok to Instapump classic Fury based on the extension of the new shoes Furylite, the "Triple White" and bring color, fresh and neat color is very suitable for summer. In the design, the shoes have been made of a large area of white breathable mesh, and finally a flexible sole with strong grip. At present, the shoes have landed Afew and other designated retailers, priced at 90 euros, interested Baba may wish to pay more attention to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! shops | know these shoes shop term you wouldn't be cheated + shoe sale secret right! shopping, | NB996 who is the most popular host of Hunan satellite TV?! Anatomy of Hunan TV gene! black slang. What can't be used indiscriminately?! Chinese students were used to guns! 〉Warm-up in the image field, and the ancients were hurled the tactics of Duncan before there is a habit of dressing room layout coach end everybody ready to play, he would put his big shoes, pick up a small bottle of mineral water back a few steps to throw inside until after the play, it's like I like playing Touhu game, don't a dull expression under Duncan expression instantly there are many, not to mention the warriors in the first half is full of other players, only Duncan in the past cast a vote, and then slowly Dian son leave hilarious moments, how dull, field colorful is his character. Duncan first came to San Antonio's pre-season training camp, everyone wants to see the champion and an admiral who is more powerful, Robinson, Duncan results at both ends of the offensive and defensive are better than in the late, equal to the new rookie the team boss to quell the, after the training we prepare bath will be and where depressed the, dull filed past his slippers said: brother, zanliang go take a bath.. Robinson later recalled that he used hot water to cover up the tears of the moving. Young people seldom have this to elders respect, like Duncan is not just like his natural Meng, and he that worthy of our remembered by generations of growth in young people's quality. James recalls the moment said: when you fall, you will think you according to the mirror, you will ask myself what will I have to do to help the team. I won't let teammates down. I don't let myself down. Perhaps he was born is not Jordan, Kobe Bryant as player, he's more like strengthening the offensive of the magician, but in be regarded as number one moment, you should understand that this time, anti is the damage to the team, only by your actions on the situation will be pregnant after an army raid, perhaps the spurs a hundred times more than last year's thunder veteran, but not attention always your own worst enemy. You are not afraid to die on the battlefield, if you are not in charge of the road! remember a few years before Bryant guest challenges, and Miami Heat, game very anxious but the Lakers defeat, after Kobe very angry, alone a person back to the arena began shooting practice, after the end of the NBA has not earlier, so he abruptly threw an hour, the lights clean floor uncle aunt who helpless joke said: who's going to tell him here not staples? This is the real Kobe, he sometimes waves cast blacksmith, but he never gave up his chance every perfect, like TNT commentator said: if you not give Bryant every year two or three million salary, he still from early morning to play late into the night. Thibodeau: I saw a player. Mohamed: the league has changed. Potatoes: James is a hypocrite, will only keep image in advertising. Boozer: it was James's first push. Final James said: Bulls team played very tough, but not dirty, dominance is not to say that, but by means of one show goals and assists, ambition is not your garbage in the level of words, but you rush to the reasonable Chong 〉This year, Jordan Brand in 30th anniversary on the occasion, quietly brought a number of boutique shoes, the most representative Bred black dress, has been presented in a variety of classic shoes, following the Air Jordan and Air Jordan 1 Low 11 Low black and red color after the debut, people quite familiar with the red and black collocation will show in Air Jordan 13 Low low shoe type. As the first appearance of this color matching, it creates a new visual feeling while creating a familiar atmosphere.