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At the end of the year as the superstar Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" has been in the first sale yesterday, while the other two more attractive suits will on sale next week, but as Jordan Brand's spokesperson, will not have to worry about missing the sale time, and also to build its brand exclusive boots on the front the Spurs Leonard through the social networking platform drying out a pair of Jordan Brand to create exclusive boots, shoes use blue and white rendering the overall color printed on his back, followed by the number 2". But this year, and the war and Hugh he, I do not know when to wear the shoes in the battle.If you're an avid runner, Nike will bring you benefits! Launched another Huarache series shoes Air Trainer Huarache Low added this "Triple Black" color matching. The shoes are made of OG's new version of the black frosted shoe upper and ballistic nylon board, with Huarache logo neoprene boots bring the ultimate sense of package, and finally equipped with built-in Air cushion midsole, the whole is quite neat and concise. At present, the shoes have officially shelves, interested friends may wish to pay attention to.Yamamoto Teruji led Y-3 high-end brand recently Zaiduofali, add two new color for the spring and summer's Retro Boost shoes, fashion and sports performance in a it by all sectors of the Blitz, sold out before the black and white flowers and a proof of its rising popularity did not fall. The total release of two colors, black and dark blue as the main colors, in the upper Neoprene fabric, black heels with leather texture modification, luxury is still deep blue suede is used as a decoration, two pairs o air jordan 11 space jam for sale f shoes a slightly different details, do not forget to mark the shoes side YOHJI YAMAMOTO white eye-catching words showed identity, finally carry on Boost cushioning technology in the bottom; at present, two shoe is not accurate release of information, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the follow-up reports. {div〉 To celebrate the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note on February 19, the 2012, duo behind rag & bone Marcus, Wainwright & David Neville, designed a custom case for this tablet-meets-smartphone, which emphasizes inspiration, whether through fashion or technology. Features of this small but ... Samsung has unveiled its latest and greatest phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note design is clearly influenced 5. Its by the Galaxy S6 Edge, though the Note 5's 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display is a flat panel and not curved. The build evokes a premium feel, featuring Gorilla Glass 4 on the ... Compact, light and " curvy" Note; helps you, 8 explore your creative side store better, the information, organise your calendar and read your e-mails while you're on the phone. When it comes to the specs, well the, story goes like this: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 it features an 8 inch WXGA ... , Samsung's, Galaxy, Note, is, in, a, class, of, its, II, own:, almost, too, big, 〉0.jpg (156.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-11 09:08 upload coincides with the Australian Open next week to play NSW, the timely introduction of a Australia logo for inspiration to create a new Nike Air Tech Challenge II Andre Agassi to commemorate the once brilliant. White shoes quality lea cheap foamposites ther with 3M reflective swoosh, blue ink and colored suede decorative. Agassi won the Australian Open Information and career wins were embroidered on the tongue and heel. 1.jpg (55.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-11 09:08 upload 2.jpg (106.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-11 09:08 upload 3.jpg (85.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-11 09:08 upload 1.jpg (44.44 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-11-6 10:21 upload During the opening party ofEarlier we lead for all exposure Nike will be on Christmas for you shoes fans to create a special gift of Nike KD 7 Christmas Egg Nog spy, and today Nike officially we announced the festive holiday planning. The color design inspiration from the North American family Christmas drink eggnog, vamp by symbol of Christmas red and green color throughout the body, the body of the shoe is ivory white, green and red mutual Hyperposite material KD, followed by Swoosh, in the bottom and the heel with splash ink details. item: 707560-613 release date: December 26th nike-kd-7-christmas-egg-nog-releaes-date.jpg (46.56 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 Christmas Egg Nog officially released 2014-12-11 09:20 upload nike-kd-7-christmas-egg-nog-releaes-date-1.jpg (46.25 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 Christmas Egg Nog officially released 2014-12-11 09:20 upload nike-kd-7-christmas-egg-nog-releaes-date-2.jpg (65.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 Christmas Egg Nog officially releas cheap jordans ed 2014-12-11 09:20 upload nike-kd-7-christmas-egg-nog-releaes-date-3.jpg (40.77 KB, download number: 0) download Nike KD 7 Christmas Egg Nog officially released 2014-12-11 09:20 upload , China News Agency, Beijing, November nine, China Russia investment promotion week and the third China Russia investment promotion meeting were held here today. Both the vice premiers of the government, senior officials of Finance and economy, local governors and representatives of the weight and class representatives of the enterprises all hope that bilateral cooperation will further strengthen cooperation. at the investment conference, China and Russia signed ten projects, with an investment amounting to US $one billion. Projects such as glass factories and automobile assembly plants are covered. At the two Sino Russian investment promotion meeting, the two sides signed nineteen projects, with a total investment of US $2150000000. attended the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Wu Yi of the State Council China said that China and Russia are friendly neighbors linked mountains and rivers, the bilateral trade volume continued to grow rapidly. In 1996, bilateral trade volume was only $six billion and eight hundred million, to two, 00, five years, has reached twenty-nine billion and one hundred million U. S. dollars. In the fields of energy development, project contracting, infrastructure construction, high and new technology, the two sides have cooperated, and more and more Chinese and Russian enterprises have begun to enter the other market. Wu Yi said that China and Russia have a strong complementarity; th Cheap foamposites for sale ey have the demand in the market, technology, resources and talents, and have great potential for cooperation. The two sides will continue to improve the investment cooperation mechanism to help enterprises solve practical problems. China supports Chinese enterprises in carrying out investment cooperation with Russia in accordance with international rules, and welcomes more Russian enterprises to invest in China and explore the Chinese market. Wu Yi believes that the high field, large-scale economic and trade cooperation, to further enrich the connotation of bilateral strategic partnership, has brought tangible benefits to both peoples and promote peace, stability and development in the world. (reporter Zhao Jianhua) (editor in chief: admin) classic sports brand ASICs again recently for its signature shoes type Gel Lyte III bring a pair of new color, shoes quintana appears in shades of red, including red shoe upper and midsole and car line design, the overall very brisk. At present, the Asics Gel Lyte III 'Red Monochrome' in parts of Europe to store shelves, priced at 119.95. And at present, there is no commercially available information release, interested may wish to pay more attention to. Finally, take the lead in preview of shoes on the foot reality. Gel Lyte IIIAsicscolor: Red/Rednumber: H63QK-2323source: sneakerfilesfrom "thirty-two" to "twenty-two" I believe we have been released in the comfort women documentary "twenty-two" scraper. This is probably the most consistent over Xu I have seen the movie, everyone is so subtitles end go, it is respect for the history, respect for life. Peace, not to forget the m foamposites for cheap ost, it is history. Not enough time to see "twenty-two" friends can recommend you read "thirty-two" is also directed by Guo Ke's "comfort women" documentary in June 2012, director Guo Ke accidentally saw an article in micro-blog "Chinese comfort women gave birth to a Japanese children's story. Guo Ke was touched by the story of the old man, then through a friend, linked to the "China professor and director of research center of the comfort women issue" Su Zhiliang. In the support and help of Professor Guo Ke, soon found in the remote village of Guangxi Wei Shaolan. The old house, simple life, a zhibuqiyao, a man guarding the old man's son. The first to see the old man, Guo Kirton feel more sympathy. In the next six months, the three time he went to Guangxi to take care of the life of the elderly, to accompany her to eat, homely. Gradually, Guo Ke found himself on the old man with the heart of the first "compassion" is a kind of narrow feelings. although Wei Shaolan was tortured during the war, after the war can not escape from poverty and cast off, more than 90 years old still endured the pain, washing vegetables, chickens, but in the seemingly boundless ocean of life, she was able to laugh and sing folk songs, Thanksgiving society, "Zhichou no worries about the short life of the poor". Wei Shaolan strong life will deeply touched Guo Ke, he was determined to take the story of Wei Shaolan shot down, the old man will be a powerful spiritual force to the audience, but also let this generation retain the history of the story. In December 2012 the full support of producer Chen Weixiong, the film, shooting smoothly. Because at that time the country remaining 32 comfort women survivors, so the title is "thirty-two". to start shooting in 2014 "twenty-two" when the mainland is only 22 Chinese surviving "comfort women" when history can remember in the next game fewer and fewer people, up to now the release of the film, only 8 elderly people. The director said, when every old man died, he would give the elderly at the end of the movie with the name of a box, the old man go too fast, he even framed. It can be said that "twenty-two" is a continuation of "thirty-two" on the emotion, want to care for this group really go through film way into the period of history and better. People in this life will die three times, the first stop is the pulse, the second is to buy the grave, third is everyone forget him. Not everyone can go to the cinema to support this movie, but the history of each of us can not forget. Time to go too fast, soon we forget that we have not experienced suffering but never lost to everyone in the world can be gentle with Xu and the world love Apple Watch (pictures from the network) uses foreign advanced technology, edutainment, enhance children's social skills recently, two iOS applications developers will GameBoy era "Pokemon: yellow" successfully transplanted to the Apple Watch, attracted a lot of eyeballs. In fact, there is also a kind of parent-child products that can play such games in china. this is the domestic intelligent shoes industry leader, double gallop intelligent research and development of a baby smart shoes as the carrier of parent-child game, designed to promote parent-child communication, improve children's activity time, edutainment. The game encourages children to go out of the house, run, jump, and exercise outdoors, and parents can better close the distance with their children, and go into the inner world of children. in fact, the game picture is not complicated, with two pages as the main, respectively, the basic information for their pets and nearby children's pet information. The main users of the baby, so the icon design is simple and generous, but the page main colors also use the softer colors, which can minimize the damage to the electronic screen visual acuity in children. Compared to some fancy pages, the simplicity of the game adds color to it. pictures from network the operation of the game is relatively simple, the activation of the smart chip in the smart baby shoes can get a pet small yellow people, parents and children together travel activities can increase the energy value of pet and you can randomly open the chest to get props card, the most peculiar set is won in a duel one has failed to name party authority, this setting can effectively improve the children's enthusiasm and good to meet the baby's little vanity. It's easy to operate without losing interest. Accurate positioning of GPS on the baby's smart shoes APP aspects, not only equipped with the baby's movement statistics, can clearly understand the baby's movement. Anti lost functions are the parents of the "warm jacket" - set safety distance, once beyond the distance APP will alarm, timely and effective prevention of the lost baby. This allows the baby to open their hands and feet to play, but also let parents from staring at the baby's work release, have their own private space, experience the fun with baby travel. in the design of intelligent baby shoes, once with independent design and development of intelligent baby shoes to get China Industrial Design Red Star Award and Germany industrial design red dot award Shuangchi smart, always in the shoe designs on some bright spots, the shoe body color pretty pink with pleasure, popular children's favorite. spirit treasure dream success, in addition to its rich game interest, more important is its excellent sociability, can let the baby and small partners happy play. Double baby smart baby smart shoes will be very clever positioning of the baby and social, parent-child relationship closely together, believe that this baby 〉! 2012-2-12 10:19 upload and download the attachment (137.15 KB) American University in our memory, most are JORDAN and BRAND to launch their own player version boots, and this saw the University of Washington colors customized version of new products is a good example. This kind of shoe with white leather as raw material, in the end the design collocation of navy blue, on the bottom of the crystal color also joined with a navy blue decoration, worthy of attention is also on the shoes at LOGO air are presented in the noble gold.LeBron 12 of the brightest spy continues to ferment, the exposure is a physical picture version of the Sample sample, compared to the previous photo, the photo is more intuitive. In addition, at the same time, there is also an unidentified shoe with a similar bottom structure. Because there is no official information, its specific identity has yet to be confirmed.